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A hovercraft has unique abilities to not only give fantastic and exciting fun but can be used for many purposes. It glides over the water without touching the surface, you can go fishing in areas that no other boats can reach. It floats and you can tie it up to a dock, drive it right up onto the beach, use it for fun, commercial use or for a fast rescue operation. It is the most environmental of seacraft with no damage to marine life, extremely economical to run with a very low noise level.

The Snapper

A great first Hovercraft that will give endless fun and excitement.
You will think you are a flying fish
On Cushion: Length 9′-6″
Width 6″-6″ Height 5′-4″

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The Marlin 11

No frills, all thrills, first time 2 person Hovercraft
An experience you will never forget
On cushion: Length 11′-3″
Width 6′-6″ Height 5′-4″

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The Marlin “Beast”

Newly designed craft, seats 2-3 people with a fresh look and lots of extras.
” This a true Man’s machine”
On cushion Length 11′-3″
Width 6′-6″ Height 5′-4″

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The Coastal Pro

For recreational or  emergency recovery usage.
This Hovercraft will blow your mind
On cushion Length, 14′-4″
Width 7′-6″ height 5′-10″

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Hovercraft  and The Environment

It’s an unequivocal fact that hovercraft have a much lower impact on the marine environment than any conventional powered boat. As stated ( “In my opinion, hovercraft cause absolutely no damage within Morton Bay Marine Park located in Queensland Australia” ) by Kristy Currie. Senior Conservation Officer, Department of Estate Resource Management.

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